Good practice in energy efficiency


Nueva incorporación al Observatorio de la Rehabilitación

«The Paris Agreement has now entered into force, and with it, we have accelerated the transition towards a clean, smart and secure energy system. The implementation of our Paris commitments is now our highest priority. We are building on our 2030 climate and energy goals to reduce green-house gas emissions, to promote the deployment of renewable energy and to achieve significant energy savings.

Turning our commitments into concrete actions will be a considerable challenge: after all, two thirds of greenhouse gas emissions result from energy production and use alone. But if we want to succeed in our endeavour and meet our ambitious climate and energy objectives, we need to take action to reduce energy consumption.

The cheapest energy, the cleanest energy, the most secure energy is the energy that is not used at all. Energy efficiency needs to be considered as a source of energy in its own right. It is one of the most cost effective ways to support the transition to a low carbon economy and to prompt further investment opportunities and to create growth and employment.

That is why the European Commission is promoting ambitious policies that will put energy efficiency first. And that is why the Commission has proposed to increase the ambition level for energy efficiency to the level of 30% binding at EU level.


Fuente: European Commission